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During a personal noncommittal meeting with a potential client Adeas discusses the wishes and possibilities of cooperation. If there is a concrete project request Adeas will propose an approach and offer a estimate of the budget and time needed for a next step at short notice. Dependant on the project circumstances and the wishes of our client there are several budgetary possibilities in which to embark on a project of which “fixed price, fixed time” might be one.
Once a project is awarded clients can expect a thorough and structured way of project execution in which quality and result are of the foremost importance whilst keeping a certain degree of flexibility.

Added value
The Adeas Development Centre consists of a close team of customer oriented professionals with a combined experience of over 300 years. This experience is mobilized again and again to reach optimal solutions in terms of quality, flexibility, time to market and costs. Because of our independency Adeas can focus on the clients’ interests while making development choices.

In many cases the Adeas project team works closely together with our clients R&D department. Often the Adeas designers design one or more modules or IP blocks of a product and integrate these. Furthermore Adeas can offer certain technical assistance adding to the competence of our client. When desired Adeas adjusts to the development process of our client and can work with preferences with regard to for instance PCB technology, component selection, tooling and suppliers.
In this way Adeas is cooperating with a number of leading high tech multinationals.

Who is Adeas ?

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March 19, 2018

Adeas & Nextera Video introduce an integrated IP core solution for Video over IP network according to the SMPTE ST2110 and SMPTE ST2059 standards.


October 31, 2017

Adeas and Nextera Video collaborate to offer integrated Video over IP solution (SMPTE ST2110 + ST2059) to the market.

Read the full press release here


September 7, 2017


Adeas at Design Automation
& Embedded Systems event
2017, October 12th

Adeas exhibits and lectures
at the event on October 12th
2017 in the ‘1931’ congress
centre ’s-Hertogenbosch.

September 8, 2015
Adeas at Bits & Chips Smart Systems 2015
Adeas exhibits and lectures the event on October 1st 2015 in the '1931' Congress Centre 's-Hertogenbosch.
June 11, 2015whitepaper_timing_synchronization_through_SMPTE_ST2059.jpg

Download our whitepaper on “Timing Synchronization through SMPTE ST2059”.

April 10th, 2015

Adeas demos Video over IP network synchronization at the NAB show in Las Vegas April 13-16, 2015.